Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great advice on synopsis

Elana Johnson, author of the soon-to-be released Control Issues, has a great breakdown on her blog of how to create a skeleton for your synopsis.  The system is based on Dan Well's Seven Point System.  In a nutshell, write one sentence for each of these ideas:
  1. Hook - how the story starts
  2. Plot Turn 1 - introduces the main conflict - moves the story toward the midpoint
  3. Pinch 1 - introduces the villain/pressure to force action
  4. Midpoint - the point at which your story moves from beginning to ending
  5. Pinch 2 - more pressure/problems, so many that the situation appears hopeless
  6. Plot Turn 2 - the MC has what they need to overcome the main conflict - moves the story from midpoint to ending
  7. Resolution - how your story ends
Read Elana's awesome blog for more