Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

I read this book in school and I find it enlightening to re-read old favorites as an adult. If you haven't turned to Number the Stars in awhile, pick it up for a quick read.

Food to eat while reading: Ug-rotten (Au-gratin) potatoes

What I liked:

Even small children are affected by the goings-on of the adults in their lives. Annemarie is very young when the Nazi’s take over Denmark. How poignant the events of war are as told through the eyes of a child.

The story is told through Annemarie and Lois Lowry has a talent for putting us into the character’s head. The point of view is never breached-every detail is taken in from a ten-year old perspective. Even though Annemarie does not understand the politics of war, she can tell when something is wrong. And she can be brave and courageous, just like her mother and uncle.

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