Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Utah Book Blogger Social

On Saturday I attended my first Utah Book Blogger Social.  It was amazing to meet people IRL that I already knew online!  There must have been over 50 book bloggers and authors there.  It was great to meet everyone.  Thanks to mawbooks for hosting such a great event!
Bree Despain author of the Dark Divine Series-a must read!

Debbie from Cranberryfries.  She has the cutest business cards!

Matthew Kirby author of The Clockwork Three-read it!

Nichole Giles, author, Sheralyn Pratt, author, Sheila, Shandra and Mindy from ldswomensbookreview

Posey Sessions book blogger

Rick Walton-master of children's picture books.  Thanks for the advice Rick.

Lisa Mangum author of The Hourglass Door-one of my favorite series.