Friday, May 20, 2011

Advertising your ebook--should you spend money?

Does advertising do any good in getting the word out about your ebook?  Or is the low-cost, high-time consuming alternative of social networking an even better alternative to draw ebook sales?

As ebooks forge a new path for our future as writers, there is increasing concern about how to draw attention to your ebook and make it stand out above the other great (and not so great) self-pubbed books on the market. 
Joanna at TheCreativePenn talks about her experiences using Facebook ads as a marketing tool.  She used Facebook ads during her book launch and suggests doing so sparingly. Through Facebook ads you can target specific demographics including geographic location, interests and ages of readers you are trying to reach.

Joe Konrath argues that it does little good to spend money on advertising.  He notes that whenever he appears in the media, his sales never see a spike right after.  He recommends:

  • utilizing your fans and friends to help get the word out
  • Networking-on facebook, twitter and your personal blog
  • Sale-periodically put your ebook on sale
  • Increase your virtual shelf space-put out more books.
  • Experiment-and learn what works for you.
Do you plan on publish an ebook?  Are you going to spend money on advertising?