Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wings of Light by Laura Bingham

Wings of Light, the sequel to Alvor by Laura Bingham, continues the story of twins Erin and Bain as they discover their roles as immortal alva in a land they never imagined could exist. I enjoyed Alvor and I liked Wings of Light even more.  This fantastic story is aimed at middle grade, but will delight anyone who is a fan of such books as the Fablehaven series.

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Bingham has a great imagination.  I never know where she will take me--the inside of a shark, flying with dragons, cooking s'mores on a Moroccan beach, or ordering take out from another continent.

The adventure and magic that I loved in Alvor is intensified as Erin and Bain learn what is required of them and search for their missing mother.  The scope of the book enlarged, the twins are now involved in the alva kingdom and what their roles will be.

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